Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Karma is not a bitch after all !!

Well, it's been awhile. After some not so subtle prodding*ahem*Jennifer*ahem** I figured I should begin this again, this time I will do it diligently, or I'll try to LOL!

"They" say Karma is a bitch. There has been many a day that I agree with that statement however there are days when Karma goes in the "good guys" favor. That was my day yesterday. A bit of a history is on my school bus I had this "problem" student. He would steal stuff out of my purse, my kids toys & food, hit kids, climb all over the bus, do a GI Joe commando move under the seats from one end of the bus to the other, stuff food into the heaters, wrote on the seats...and it goes on and on. Now, the thing that ticks me off is not only his behavior but his parents. Not once has his parents EVER made him apologize or atone for his actions. You see, I'm the big bad bus driver who "picks" on their darling child. I would get dirty looks from them, I was told their son was NOT to leave his back pack up at the front so he wouldn't shove his food into my heaters, they even went to my supervisor and wanted me fired ! Luckily, having been an employee at the same company for the last 9 years, they know I'm not the bully here. It was just getting worse. I love my job but it was to the point where I felt sick to my stomach when I turned the corner and saw them standing at the bus stop, never knowing what war of words I was going to endure. So, about 3 weeks ago a route out of the same school came open ! It pained me having to switch route because I loved them other kids and the parents were awesome, but I know for my mental health I had to do it, plus I need to stay at that school because that is where Sarah goes. forward about 1 week. Turns out the little angel wrote swear words on the seats of a spare bus. He got suspended for 1 day.... Fast forward even more to yesterday... The new driver on that run goes to check his bus and the little "Picasso" decides to use 2 things of White Out all on the seats, and walls from one end of the bus to the other ! The school won't let the child clean it up nor will the school do it. Hopefully the operations manager at the bus company will send the bill to the school and they'll have the parents pay for the clean up. So, I wonder if the parents finally have a clue ? Or is it now 3 big bad bus drivers who pick on their angel ? Unfortunately, I am more inclined the think he will be deemed innocent. I anticipate the behavior will only get worse because in January mom is expecting twins ! He won't be the only child any more so he will act out to get more attention. Oh, and I think I didn't mention that this darling in only in grade 1 !!! Yeah.... Maybe when the police come knocking on their door in a couple of years, the parents will finally get a clue, who knows ?

I'll be back tomorrow with some more thoughts on stuff going on.


  1. Haha!! It's all good Jennifer! I think this is what I need ;)

  2. Oh my gosh... grade 1? That scares me.

    Glad to hear you made a positive move!