Thursday, November 19, 2009

Doing stuff for me !!

I am super stoked ! I am getting my first tattoo on Saturday. I've been wanting one for years but never knew what I wanted until a couple months ago I found "the one". It's a mama turtle and 3 babies done in the Hawaiian tribal theme. We went to Hawaii 3 years ago and fell in love with the culture and the people. Everything means something there. They are a proud people. I am a proud mama. I love my 3 kids and what better way to honor them?

Last weekend I went and got the top of my ear pierced with my 14 y/o we're twins LOL! She thinks she has a cool mom getting pierced and tattooed. Hubby on the other hand, not so much. I am doing these things for me, not for anyone else.

So, am I having a mid life crisis of some sort ? Maybe I am finally able to do stuff for me. The kids are getting older and are getting more independent so I feel it's time I can do stuff for me now. I moved from my moms house, to my dads house then into my husbands house. I've never lived on my own, been my own person so to speak. I've always done what others want me to do. I've never wanted to hurt someones feelings or upset someone so I ended up doing what they thought was right or they wanted. I still do that now to an extent but I am opening up my wings and learning how to fly so to speak. I want to start doing more for me. I have some other changes that I'm going through too. I've lost 28 pounds since the end of July. I still have a long road ahead but it's a start ! I am so proud of me.....

Anyways, I have more to say but it'll wait for another day. Until next time...


  1. No way!!!!! Very cool Karen! I wish I could go with you. You deserve to do fun things just for you. The dinner convo must have got your mind thinking. Congrats on all your big steps. You are a wonderful lady!

  2. That is so neat Karen!! I got my second one in September and hubby wasn't to impressed either but they get over it.

    Congrats on the weight loss as well.

    Take care