Saturday, June 13, 2009

My first post !!

Wow ! I'm not sure what to put here. I'm Karen.. married to Denis for 15 years this past Thursday. We live in Calgary with our 3 kids Emily 13 1/2, Sarah almost 10 and Jacob 4 1/2. We have an 8 y/o miniature schnauzer named Jasmine and 2 goldfish whos names change every day. I am a school bus driver.. have been for 8 years now and LOVE it !! I seem to have more patience for otherr peoples kids then my own. I guess my blog will be about my trials and tribulations of being a mom to a hormonal teenager girl, a princess tween and a very active preschooler... not to mention the good stuff (and not so good) that happens on my bus and my marriage.... Until next time !!


  1. How exciting Karen!!! Congrats and have fun with your new blog!
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  2. Hey Karen!! Welcome to the bogging world. I can't wait to read more so I can get caught up with your life.

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  3. Karen...poke poke poke... you out there?

    Would love to read more!